HI, 🙂  Welcome!      Together, Let’make every place around you an edible oasis 🙂

Imagine your money doing more then just making places aesthetically pleasing.. what if it gave back to you as you walked by.  Many people buy plants for purely aesthetics.  But some buy plants also for other function as well…. to not only help clean the air around them but also to create a healthier more pleasing feel.  But now imagine if the plants served 3 USES:  1) aesthetically pleasing, 2) functional, AND 3) brought you access to continuous food (or medicine) that kept coming and coming… even when there was a natural or manmade disaster occurrng all around you?

No matter who you are or where you live, We can help you to have at least some food ALWAYS available always growing right there in your space, whether its an apartment or at the office or at home, ALWAYS having fresh greens to eat.  Even if there is a snowstorm outside, even if there is a hurricane destroying your city..  you will have SOME food always available..       We will help hold your hand through the process of making this possible.. of making this a reality!!!

In the process, if you see a product on here to help towards this endeavor that you like, please please buy it through one of the third part links provided, thank you

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The biggest thing we’ve learned.. no matter where you live..whether it’s an apartment or an officespace with no balcony, or a home with a large area, whether it’s cold or hot,dry or humid,  you CAN have at least a few fresh greens available to eat year round esp, for those months you don’t feel like shopping….

so ….   We invite you to join me on this site..and become inspired.. let us share with you our experiences and all that we have learned..  let us introduce you, and encourage you and re-inspire you to feel confident in being able to have your own edible oasis no matter where you live.

We will join you on your own edible journey.. We are here to inspire you.. to encourage you.. to help you make it possible!


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